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Recent discoveries that neurological function may be mediated through the eyes have created tremendous market opportunities, and offer relief that has previously been unavailable. Because this science is relatively new, there are very few industry experts who can make these applications available to consumers. The principals at PhotoPharmics have been involved since the inception of this science, and have been the industry leaders. Their first company, Apollo Light Systems, Inc., was founded in 1987 to provide specialized therapy for circadian related disorders such as sleep and mood disorders.

Over the next two decades, Apollo developed exclusive relationships with leading universities and researchers worldwide, which allowed them to stay abreast of leading edge technologies while creating a strong patent portfolio. Due to their expertise and exclusive technologies Apollo become the largest company in the industry. By 2004, they had achieved national retail success, and were acquired by Philips Electronics in 2007. These principals continued with Philips over the next 4 years, expanding their market and strengthening Philips’ IP portfolio.

Chronobiological discoveries in Parkinson’s disease created an unmet need, and these principals formed PhotoPharmics to research and provide chronobiological treatments for Parkinson's disease. PhotoPharmics combines their industry experience, research relationships and technical expertise with their ability to successfully market medical lighting products in bringing relief to those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. No one has a more comprehensive understanding of the chronobiological marketplace, the effective applications, and protectable technologies.