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A New Discovery Offers Hope
New research may have uncovered a major reason why the dopaminergic system is malfunctioning in Parkinson's disease (Dopamine is a primary neurotransmitter involved in motor control and is compromised Parkinson's disease). This discovery has been examined and verified in several animal studies, and lead to the development of a non-invasive, human treatment. Recently, a major study spanning 15 years with 129 patients demonstrated long-term improvement of both primary and secondary symptoms (motor, insomnia, depression and anxiety). These dramatic, long-term results have never been demonstrated in Parkinson's treatment before.


This treatment still requires a pivotal, double blind trial be conducted in order to receive medical approval (i.e. FDA). PhotoPharmics, Inc. holds exclusive rights to this treatment and is currently contracting with Parkinson's Disease Centers and evaluating funding partners to conduct the next-phase double-blind trial for medical clearance.


A new understanding in the progression of Parkinson's